Mental Health Issues

Hi ✨ How’s everyone been doing these past few months in iso or out of iso?? I know this is a tough time for everyone in the world especially in Melbourne as they are dealing with the critical lockdown restrictions due to the second wave of Covid – 19. But I generally believe someway or other we would get through it.

I believe that is so vital to look out for each other and take that the time to relax and look after yourself. BECAUSE at the end of the time or day what matters is your health and mindset!! 😊

Mental health issues and having a healthy mindset is also something I’m passionate about due to my past experiences with negative body image and mindset and how it consumed my thoughts and mind.

Mental health issues is also a topic that the mainstream media doesn’t generally cover a lot about. So I am using my blog as platform to exercise power to influence these issues because I genereally believe that is the genral beauty of the era of social media. Together as the younger and older generations in society we are capable of changing the stereptypes, social norms as well as other issues in our ever prevalent society. These mental health issues can effect anyone regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and skin colour.

I have seen many posts all over social media platfroms spreading awareness about it, it’s great that this is being mentioned and discussed but I feel that there’s a diminishing infleunce since the ease of lockdown measures.

Mental health issues and social justice issues should Not have to be trending topics for people to raise awareness and educate themselves about . I believe it should be talked more often regardless of whether its trending or not because it affects several amount of lifes every day.

Anxiety, depression, suicide and other mental health issues are just not talked about in our society and I believe it needs to be talked about because these issues can affect someone’s life and its so sad to hear people’s near attempt at suicide stories.

Education and learning is the key to fixing world issues, I believe that schools and universities should teach students on how to be positive and having a positive mindset because its so important to learn about self love to overcome these mental health issues rather than the usual school curriculums like maths and English. Sure they are great but what use is it if you are not happy about yourself or your always constantly doubting yourself. They dont teach you how to be successful in life. Self love β™₯️and a positive mindset is so crucial to a person’s success in life and I want to use my knowledge to help others see the greatest things about self love and positivity.

I was someone that wasn’t always confident with the way I look, always doubting myself and wishing I could change a certain aspect of my body as well as always hating the flaws that I found. I guess it was due to the harsh reality of society and the expectations that I had for myself due to my need to always be perfect.

I was always constantly thinking about whether I had left a great first impression with the people I had met. Eventually, it got to the point where I just felt like there was no reason for me to live anymore. But I’m so glad I reached out to Clara, she helped me to discover how to love myself mentally and physically.

Changing the mindset is always going to be hard as you get used to thinking that way but it all comes down to how willing are you going to change your mindset?

Prior to the isolation phase, I had a systematic routine in place in my lifestyle : going to uni, wake up for work, eat, study, sleep. But when the restrictions was in place I felt like my routine was so out of place as my sleep schedule was really bad.

Due to physically staying at home, I))) got so bored at home and decided what better way would it be to to invest my time into reading self help books as well as underataking a few pilates and yoga sessions. It did help decrease my anxiety levels . I was actually so amazed by the links between mental health and exercise . πŸ€—

However, as I scroll through social media I am seeing some people weaponising mental health issues as a defence for their racism or lack of activisim. I generally believe that this is toxic as people with mental health issues should not use that as an excuse for their racist behaviour.

Having suffered from social anxiety and anxiety, I’ve never used it to be racist to others of different ethnicities. It’s just not right!! You can’t blame your mental health issues for your racist behavior.

I believe, we as younger generations should influence our older generations : grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents about not using mental health issues as a means to be racist of others.

Together we can do so much more. With the power of our voice in social media and blogs we are able to articulate our thoughts and beliefs about topics that we are generally passionate about to change the harmful and toxic world we live in to a world where we can display our thoughts and mental health issues without feeling the fear associated with it and where it doesn’t involve stereotypes, and racism.

I hope that I can generally help people dealing with these issues as well as changing the wirld to make it a better place

Have a great day or night πŸ€—


Link to Instagram video about mental health importance

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